Architectural Glass

Research suggests natural day-lighting provides real work place benefits such as improved retail sales, lower staff absenteeism, faster hospital recovery rates, and improved school exam results.  Glass is an ancient, trusted material - historically glass in architecture was simply to let light in and provide some protection from the elements.  Nowadays modern architectural glazing is a technology in itself and can be used in a multitude of ways to control many aspects of design and environment.

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Glass Technologies

Thermal Insulation

Improves the energy efficiency of domestic or commercial buildings whilst enabling the extensive use of glass and the benefit of passive solar gain.

Solar Control 

This hi-tech glass has a special coating designed to reduce the amount of the sun's heat entering a building - over 60%!, whilst allowing the natural light to gently filter through. The indoor space stays bright and much cooler than if normal glass were used.

Noise Reduction

This glass choice is the biggest contributing factor to reducing noise pollution through your windows (also known as acoustic glass). This is a specially designed glass system designed to dampen and dissipate noise. It can be installed in your existing frames, or as part of a whole new window

Fire Protection

Fire Rated Glass (also known as Fire Resistant Glass) is specialist glass that has been proven to provide a period protection against fire during a Fire Resistance Test.


Reduces the need for cleaning exterior glazing through a dual-action coating. It uses daylight and rain to break down and wash away organic dirt. The use of a titanium dioxide coating causes dirt to break down when it becomes heated through daylight, the special coating is also hydrophilic - causing rain to sheet and therefore wash away the dirt more effectively.

Glass Walls, Doors and Screens

Glass walls come under different terminologies, 'Glass partition walls' and 'Floor to ceiling glass' are just a few.  They can be used internally as a cost-effective and stunning way to separate work areas whilst allowing light to flood in and interaction to occur as people in offices aren’t hidden behind solid walls and closed doors. Glass wall partitioning provides an elegant look, with the same sound insulation properties of a solid partition wall.  Externally, it is commonly known as 'Curtain Walling' or a 'glass wall system' and comes under 'structural glazing' as it is incorporated into the body of the building - usually through the use of Aluminium window frames.

Glass Balustrade

Horizons frameless glass balustrade systems are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. They bring a touch of class to any setting they look fantastic whilst being lightweight and extremely strong.

Glass Ceilings

Buildings with 15-20% rooflight area are more energy efficient incorporating rooflights into a building will cut energy use and reduce C02 emissions.

Security / Safety

Can withstand high impact from crowbars and even bomb blasts, we can provide security glass products that are ideal for every application where safety is paramount.

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