Origin Aluminium Windows and Doors

All Origin windows and doors are entirely made to measure, so no matter what size your aperture or configuration you require, we can help. Ranging from one to eight door sets, Bi-fold Doors can accommodate openings large or small and open inwardly or outwardly. Aluminium is solid, which means Origin doors can achieve ultra-slim sight lines and complex configurations for uninterrupted views and lots of natural light in your home.

Safe and Secure

All Origin doors come with highly secure locking systems, cylinders or barrels that exceed the latest industry standards. The Origin Bi-Fold, Residential Door and Windows have all obtained the Secured By Design accreditation. Exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in their state-of-the-art UK factory, Origin Doors are engineered to perform and built to last. So confident in their design, they offer up to a 20-year guarantee on all door components, giving you complete peace of mind.

Origin Internal Doors

Designed to transform your living area and make better use of your footprint, the all-new Origin Internal Door range is a steel-look glazed wall and door system. Allowing for a combination of light, air and space, the OL-30 creates the perfect ambience in a home whilst also providing privacy.

Versatile by design, the customisable OI-30 complements every look, from contemporary to Art Deco heritage. Bringing character, class, and continuity of your style throughout your interior space, the OI-30 also fulfils those practical needs to zone off areas for quiet work, rest and play.

With a glass divide sightline of just 30mm, Origin offers more light and slimmer sightlines compared to some steel and aluminium alternatives. Origin’s OI-30 is available as a single or French door – but the design options don’t end there. All configurations can have fixed frames added to the top or sides or can be coupled together with a corner post, allowing you to reinvent your space and bring your interior design dreams to life.

Features & Benefits

We know that adding an internal door as special as the OI-30 will transform the way you use your space, making their creation and manufacture even more personal. Each door you add expresses who you are in style, practicality, and functionality. The OI-30 is pivotal in changing the way that you interact with your home, so we want to ensure that every element of your internal door is just as you would like it.

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Origin Residential Doors

The Origin Front Door is a precision-driven, expertly engineered-object of beauty.

Providing the ultimate combination of advanced security, tasteful aesthetics and thermal efficiency, the Origin Front Door boasts the additional benefit of being exclusively manufactured in the UK by our highly trained craftspeople using only premium-grade aluminium.

Available in a range of stunning panel choices, colours and styles, it’s completely bespoke, enabling you to create a personal statement with ease; because first impressions matter.

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Origin Windows

It's your world, let's frame it!

An integral part of any home is the windows. Origin's Window Collection consists of two options - the OW-70 and the OW-80. Both are stunningly designed and exceptionally finished, the critical difference between the two systems is the sightlines.

Both are entirely bespoke to your requirements as Origin's flexible production process gives you the freedom to customise your window to perfectly complement your needs. Moreover, with our uncompromising security features used across both systems, your home will stay safe whatever option you choose.

Like all Origin products, windows are guaranteed for up to 20 years, so you can relax knowing that your windows will last for years to come.

The Origin Slimline Window (OW-70)

Beautiful, elegant and simplistic, the Origin Slimline Window is designed for spaces where maximising glass and light is essential.

Built from high-grade aluminium with an impressive 65mm frame, the Origin Slimline Window is as strong as it is sleek. Its ultra-slim sightlines will not only deliver aesthetically, but its innate strength will ensure your home is kept secure.

The Origin Premium Window (OW-80)

Modernising the design of traditional 19th Century timber windows, the Origin Premium Window is a highly durable and blissfully functional solution that's perfect for the 21st Century.

With exquisite internal and external flush casement and unrivalled thermal performance, the Origin Premium Window also offers the added benefits of hassle-free maintenance and being manufactured from premium-grade aluminium for long-term reliability.

Origin Bi-fold Doors

The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, the door’s expansive glass panels give you a widescreen view of the outdoors, letting you enjoy your home and its surroundings all year round.

Whether incorporated into a new-build, an extension or an older period-style property, the Origin Bi-Fold Door is engineered to stand up to the unstable British climate, the Origin Bi-Fold Door insulates your home all year round, keeping your home bright with natural light, as well as warm in the winter.  The door’s sophisticated weather-tight seals ensure any bad weather remains permanently outside, helping lower your energy bills.

Offering two sightline options (either 49mm or 72mm), the Origin Door is available as a bi-fold, a corner bi-fold, a traditional French door or as a single door; meaning there's a door option for you, no matter your renovation.

The OB-49...

The OB-49 is our slimline door system that has been re-engineered from the industry-renowned OB-72. Its sightline of just 49mm means less profile and more glass is achieved, giving you a panoramic view of your surroundings.

Manufactured from premium-grade aluminium, it offers impressive panel sizes without compromising on security, thermal or operational performance - it's the ultimate combination.

The OB-72...

The OB-72 is a cleverly designed, beautifully made and exquisitely finished sliding folding door system that features a unique free-glide running system.

Offering sightlines of 72mm and chamfered beading, it provides a more traditional style and given its innate strength, it means that it can accommodate door sets of up to twelve doors in a single configuration, as well as corner bi-fold setups.

With over 150 different RAL shades to choose from, you can be sure to find a colour that suits your style, no matter how subtle or outrageous it may be.

Ranging from bright primary shades to candy pastels and deeper earthy tones, our extensive colour palette is guaranteed to offer inspiration to homeowners and interior designers alike.

To take it even further, you can take advantage of our daily colour option, which means your exterior colour can complement the building style while the interior frame can blend in or contrast with your colour scheme inside. Many RAL colours also come with the option of offering a matt, satin or gloss finish.

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Origin Sliding Doors

The Origin Artisan Slider (OS-20)

A structurally bonded system that's manufactured from premium grade aluminium, the Artisan Slider boasts ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm. its innate strength allows it to accommodate incredibly large glass expanses, making it both visually stunning and practically versatile. Over a large aperture, it really offers a breathtaking spectacle.

A sleek, minimalist design perfectly complements your interior space, while being ruthlessly tough in protecting your property and keeping the extreme weather out.

With barely visible 20mm sightlines, the Artisan Slider creates a huge impact in any room, bringing you a near wall of glass - a widescreen view of your world. Additionally, because all Origin products are completely bespoke in nature, you can configure your door to look and work just the way you want it to.

The Origin Patio Slider (OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77)

The Origin Patio Slider's classic design lends itself to any style of property, and as it's completely bespoke, it can be tailored to coordinate with your taste and any style of property. Whether you are looking to complement an ultra-modern new build or replace an existing door set, it can infect effortless elegance into your home.

There are three sightline options available with this system (either 29mm, 44mm or 77mm). The OS-29 is the slimmest system of the three, providing you with the opportunity to maximise glass, which will allow an abundance of natural light to flood into your home. The OS-77 offers a slightly more traditional style with its larger sightlines, while the OS-44 brights the best of both worlds.

Made from high-grade aluminium, the Origin Patio Slider allows for a practical and elegant solution, without any compromise on security or performance.